Koi Fish

Japanese koi fish has become an amazingly popular hobby over the last several decades, and rightly so.

Keeping koi fish is not only very enjoyable, but it is also a responsibility, as you have to keep an entire marine ecosystem, of which the koi is the pinnacle, healthy and vibrant.

This requires good knowledge as well as an adequate budget.

But the learning, as well as the admiration of these fish, is actually as fun a part of koi fish care, juts as much as watching your koi develop over the years before your eyes.

But it’s a good idea, especially for beginners, to do some learning first before setting up your first koi pond of course, as koi require an investment in time and learning.

Japanese koi have been popular because of these reasons:

1. They're very beautiful, as well as a sturdy with an ability to survive even in freezing conditions.

2. They're suited to large ponds and can grow to over 1-2 feet in length, and this provides the rare pleasure to watch fish swim and prosper in a large outdoor or indoor ponds in a more natural environment.

3. You’ll eventually be able to hand feed your koi when they gain your confidence, and this is a way that we humans really start to bond with our koi, and vice versa.

4. Some koi are worth thousands of dollars, and are a thriving industry for koi breeders.

5. They are believed to bring good fung shui, or luck, in Chinese culture.

There are various Japanese koi fish types and varieties available, and they’re classified by the Japanese, according to mainly their color characteristics.

It’s a good idea to view a few koi fish auctions online to get to know the koi species better and to decide if there are certain varieties that you’re more interested in. The resources here will give you an introduction to the koi varieties available.

If you’re new to koi care, get to know a quality local supplier or importer of Japanese koi, if there is one, and to find out more about the kind of stock that are available locally. Check out the information on this site on how to choose koi fish, if you’re looking for koi for sale online or locally. You’ll also find here a list of the top online koi suppliers.

Looking at building a new koi fish pond in your garden? You'll need to know what factors to consider in terms of pond design, pond size and depth, pond construction before deciding to build your own koi fish pond or to have one built for you.

Probably the most important part of keeping koi, as well as getting the best quality stock that you can afford, is understanding and properly using important koi pond supplies. These supplies for your koi fish pond can be found locally or online, and your requirements will differ according to whether you’re setting up a new pond or maintaining, or improving your existing one.

Here's a video on the 3 fundamentals of koi ponds:

Sometimes, getting your pond supplies online, if you know what you’re looking for, will mean that a much larger range of koi supplies becomes available to you, irrespective of where you live.

So here’s to happy koi and beautiful koi fish ponds, and to our great care of these most admired creatures.

New to koi fish keeping?

Then click here to see the koi fish guide that will have you go from beginner to pro within days.